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Engagement Scope

We can scale our services to your specific needs. That can involve a comprehensive marketing plan resulting in a unified blueprint with concrete actions, goals and budgets for moving forward. Or, we can scale down our marketing plans to include a focused assessment of your marketing history and current goals, resulting in marketing recommendations.

You can also choose to engage us for specific creative services, such as web development, social media communications, advertising or collateral production. Yet, even with creative service engagements, we place the work in the context of your business goals and optimal means of reaching your audience.

We make no preliminary assumptions about what you need until we understand your goals and your market.

Engagement Process

Initial interview: We start with an interview—typically by phone, sometimes face-to-face—to get a handle on what you want to achieve, your ideas for moving forward, your timing and the finances you wish to direct to marketing.

Identify market: We cultivate a base understanding of the people and market you wish to reach.

Service proposal: We identify the services best suited to what you wish to accomplish and the means for reaching your market, then craft a proposal and fee structure for your consideration.

Engagement agreement: Once you accept our proposal, we develop a letter of agreement and preliminary fee invoice. When we receive your signed agreement with any preliminary fee due, we formally initiate the work on your behalf.

Point of Contact

For all projects, Barbara Baccei will serve as the principal point of contact.

Reviews of Work in Process

Throughout the engagement, we provide formal reviews of work in stages. Typically, our agreements specify 3 rounds of review leading to completion. For your convenience, we provide reviews by email imbedded with digital files of work in process or links to online productions in process.

We also provide written reports, printouts and documentation of work in process as needed.

Ownership of Work

Unless otherwise specified in our engagement agreement, our clients have ownership rights to the work outlined in the agreement, once final payment is received.