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Make Sure it Has Impact

Social media and online marketing may prevail in the digital age, but there are other points of customer contact that cannot be overlooked. Brochures, information pieces, sell sheets, publications and Power Points can also be important to customer engagement. Sometimes a sell sheet or brochure is the only take-away piece a potential customer will refer to for information or decision-making. Sometimes, it is the only way to get them to view the bigger picture on your web site. Make sure your collateral has impact.

We identify the best collateral to achieve customer engagement. We handle all details from concept, design/writing, print files and print production. With long-term relationships with printers and handlers we enjoy preferred pricing that we pass on to our clients. Our compelling, memorable pieces reinforce your value—and drive customer behavior.

Print & Video Publications

Old Media Purposed for the Digital Age

Our team has a foundation in traditional publishing and video publishing.

For Print Publications: we design, write, edit and prepare manuscripts for publication. We enlarge the reach of your print publications by re-purposing them for digital media. Digital publications can significantly reduce your distribution costs.

For Video Publications: we storyboard, script, design and direct all stages of production, expanding our team with the right pre- and post-production crew for your project. We purpose and package video for broad distribution, installation on your web site, posting on social media sites (such as YouTube) or submission to broadcast media.

Review a selection of the collateral and publications we’ve created 

The Power of Relevant Writing

  • Relevant writing is quick to grasp, concise, enjoyable as well as informative. Short forms and longer narratives must be sculpted to the audience, message and behavior you want to drive.
  • Fast and furious digital communications are impacting how people today read. They want content that is to the point and tells them immediately what value they can gain.
  • A strong call to action is not just a sales ploy. It signals what to expect and helps readers decide if the content is relevant to them.

Add-On Editorial

  • Ghost writing for professionals
  • Editing manuscripts for publications
  • Original narratives
  • Rewriting technical content for consumers
  • Script writing